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[texts]Dragon User (1983-10)(Sunshine Books)(GB)
Dragon User (1983-10)(Sunshine Books)(GB)
Keywords: dragon; software; galactic; graphics; california; disk; arcade; delta; premier; asshs; special offer
Downloads: 34
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-08-11)

Keywords: software; program; return; spectrum; lor; print; computing; ink; machine code; popular computing; ihe program; memory location; computing weekly; main string; street life; life street; special offer; open forum
Downloads: 61
[texts]Triton Catalog: Fall/Christmas Catalog 1989

Keywords: cassette; cartridge; jnd; disk; iind; ihc; tht; iii; iht; titles; doom games; lowest price; lowest prices; titles identified; dot matrix; special offer; special valuet
Downloads: 58
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 04

Keywords: commodore; poke; software; basic; cbm; disk; program; games; matrix printer; machine code; vixen ram; pack commodore; basic program; offer price; dot matrix; assembly language; ram cartridge; special offer
Downloads: 148
[texts]Computer & Video Games - Issue 025 (1983-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Computer & Video Games - Issue 025 (1983-11)(EMAP Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: games; software; atari; spectrum; computer; game; bbc; lor; video games; machine code; bug byte; software houses; arcade game; rom cartridge; cbs colecovision; wide range; special offer; leading software
Downloads: 85
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 02

Keywords: commodore; software; lor; poke; commands; tor; program; disk; word processing; simply write; disk drive; dealer enquiries; purchased separately; membership fee; special offer; dust covers; word manager; machine code
Downloads: 234
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 030

Keywords: print; drru; program; computing; spectrum; weekly; software; poke; software reviews; computing weekly; california gold; trade enquiries; machine code; special offer; spectrum software; gold rush; arcade action; charing cross
Downloads: 109
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1985-12-19)

Keywords: micro; program; spectrum; game; software; amstrad; thai; commodore; popular computing; micro magic; machine code; john minson; computing weekly; special offer; sound expander; music system; knight lore; light pen
Downloads: 70
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-09-08)

Keywords: print; dragon; software; program; endproc; beep; ink; spectrum; street life; open forum; computing weekly; print ink; popular computing; print trb; life street; machine code; special offer; star cluster
Downloads: 75
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 46

Keywords: ond; tor; spectrum; thai; lor; ami; iji; ttie; special offer; software; disc drive; bit loo; mail order; football director; computer shopper; disk drive; memory card; top three
Downloads: 254
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-08-04)

Keywords: software; program; spectrum; print; tor; printer; dragon; oric; machine code; popular computing; good computer; bbc basic; computing weekly; word processing; open forum; oric mcp; word processor; special offer
Downloads: 78
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1984-02-23)

Keywords: program; spectrum; data; poke; software; bbc; programs; lor; poke usr; machine code; star game; special offer; popular computing; three games; open forum; thai ihe; weekly open; assembly language
Downloads: 67
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-09-22)

Keywords: program; lor; dragon; software; screen; computing; dungeon; spectrum; machine code; popular computing; ring system; plot ouer; computing weekly; ihe program; street life; special offer; life street; open forum
Downloads: 75
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1985-03-14)

Keywords: lei; thai; program; pin; bbc; spectrum; commodore; micro; special offer; sinclair vehicles; word processing; star game; micro commodore; machine code; connect pin; conned pin; popular computing; user port
Downloads: 73
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-09-29)

Keywords: program; commodore; lor; computing; programs; spectrum; graphics; software; computing weekly; popular computing; road london; rem draws; street life; machine code; open forum; stroud green; life street; special offer
Downloads: 63
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1985-03-28)

Keywords: bbc; program; commodore; software; thai; popular; game; spectrum; computing weekly; popular computing; open forum; local call; creative sparks; star game; popular buggy; special offer; thom emi; machine code
Downloads: 84
[texts]MicroAdventurer Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: adventure; micro; game; spectrum; commodore; bbc; games; software; adventures; micro adventurer; star trek; special offer; role playing; ice slalion; cassette supplier; adventure planner
Downloads: 210
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 066

Keywords: ink; software; spectrum; bbc; commodore; data; computing; print; computing weekly; cbm; machine code; jlc data; wide range; special offer; randomize usr; mail order; letters letters; print ink
Downloads: 81
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 21

Keywords: ond; spectrum; tor; lor; yoy; games; ttie; thai; computer brain; game; card cribbage; blow horn; special offer; ihe game; time limit; gold computer; judge dredd; repair centre
Downloads: 435
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 17

Keywords: ond; spectrum; lor; yoy; tha; ink; thai; game; spectrum repairs; tor; computer repair; bomb jack; repair centre; great deal; mail order; fax box; repair service; special offer
Downloads: 213
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 035

Keywords: spectrum; goto; software; dragon; bbc; computer; games; commodore; software reviews; programs; machine code; special offer; charing cross; ihe ball; microdeal dragon; call char
Downloads: 101
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 03

Keywords: commodore; software; games; basic; commands; ram; program; cassette; dot matrix; matrix printer; pack commodore; light pen; disk drive; trade enquiries; special offer; purchase ledger; commodore user; hard copy
Downloads: 247
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 109

Keywords: program; data; gosub; basic; joystick; print; computing; printer; special offer; computing weekly; basic program; word processor; machine code; ihe string; current assembly; block delete; pseudo operators; shingo sugiura
Downloads: 65
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-09-15)

Keywords: program; software; spectrum; dragon; sinclair; bbc; thai; lor; popular computing; street life; volcanic dungeon; stroud green; life street; black crystal; open forum; word processor; special offer; computing weekly
Downloads: 76
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 44

Keywords: ond; tor; yoy; thai; spectrum; lor; hove; iii; special offer; tht; cass disk; disk cass; special offers; altered beast; indiana jones; mail order
Downloads: 166
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 43

Keywords: ond; tor; lor; ttie; itie; game; ttw; thai; special offer; spectrum; lonely hearts; james bond; cass disk; super scramble; disk cass; mail order; tenstar pack; special offers; graham mason
Downloads: 186
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 046

Keywords: ihe; erm; amiga; graphics; game; thai; lor; disk; ttie; total eclipse; arcade adventure; zzapi february; ihe game; double dragon; disk drive; dark side; star wars; special offer; sound effects
Downloads: 405
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 034

Keywords: computing; spectrum; weekly; program; crll; gosub; return; software; computing weekly; dragon; spectrum program; machine code; software reviews; california gold; special offer; ddd ddd; charing cross; gold rush; club med
Downloads: 84
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 065

Keywords: software; games; spectrum; msx; computing; crsr; game; commodore; computing weekly; program; special offer; press group; mail order; letters letters; machine code; extended basic; trade enquiries; melbourne house; hareraiser prelude
Downloads: 73
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 77

Keywords: ihe; crash; sam; lor; games; spectrum; thai; speccy; irom; yoy; crash june; pipe mania; start address; sam coupe; sale sale; wham bar; sam coupi; man start; easy level; special offer
Downloads: 357
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-08-25)

Keywords: dragon; program; lor; bbc; print; tor; software; spectrum; popular computing; goto; life street; disc system; machine code; street life; open forum; special offer; ihe dragon; computing weekly; bbc model
Downloads: 67
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-10-06)

Keywords: dragon; program; spectrum; print; games; bbc; lor; software; popular computing; popular; dragon data; bbc model; computing weekly; issue three; machine code; dragon software; special offer; open forum; weekly dragon
Downloads: 65
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1984-04-12)

Keywords: software; program; spectrum; rst; commodore; dragon; games; lor; popular computing; programs; software books; mail order; open forum; games network; computing weekly; special offer; lor ihe; machine code; ihe routine
Downloads: 60
[texts]ACE - Issue 40 (1991-01)(Future Publishing)(GB)
ACE - Issue 40 (1991-01)(Future Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: amiga; atari; ace; game; software; games; sega; disks; console; ibm; tpi disks; special offer; screen gems; ace special; sega master; prices include; master system; virtual reality; power supply; ace rating
Downloads: 36
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: amiga; offer; disk; atari; games; spectrum; tgm; software; amstrad; commodore; version update; sound effects; disk offer; amiga disk; amstrad cpc; special offer; mail order; dish offer; cass offer; disk drive
Downloads: 450
[texts]ZX Mushroom Club Newsletter (January 1989)

Keywords: price; special; compatible; normal; interface; duplex; software; bps; spectrum; program; limited special; half height; special price; special offer; normal price; power supply; second hand; full duplex; bps full; byte capacity
Downloads: 92
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1984-04-05)

Keywords: program; software; commodore; programs; sinclair; computer; lor; spectrum; machine code; bbc; software club; matthew smith; open forum; tom mix; chinese juggler; special offer; tuned circuits; wide range; manic miner
Downloads: 70
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-09-01)

Keywords: program; game; software; spectrum; thai; games; computing; arcade; popular computing; lor; arcade game; street london; computing weekly; video games; open forum; special offer; life street; street life; space invaders
Downloads: 54
[texts]geoNews - Issue 16 (1992-12)(geoClub)(GB)
geoNews - Issue 16 (1992-12)(geoClub)(GB)
Keywords: geos; geopaint; pixel; color; edit; geowrite; disk; mode; geonews; simms; geonews december; special offer; pixel edit; photo manager; peter hunt; font disk; edit window; edit box; vic chip; second hand
Downloads: 29
[texts]Commodore User Magazine Issue 01

Keywords: program; ihe; commodore; poke; drtr; ram; goto; graphics; software; word processor; ian sinclair; unexpanded vic; users group; special offer; purchased separately; integer variables; instruction register; extra memory; disk drive
Downloads: 311
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1985-03-07)

Keywords: program; spectrum; software; thai; commodore; gem; programs; micro; machine code; bbc; special feature; soft aid; upgrade kit; star game; project planner; special offer; popular computing; qlub members; set palette
Downloads: 66
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: tgm; amiga; atari; software; spectrum; games; commodore; ibm; tor; ihe; version update; amstrad cpc; dares wins; star player; special offer; wins weekend; turbo cup; total eclipse; special offers; martial arts
Downloads: 88
[texts]Amiga Computing Magazine Issue 011

Keywords: amiga; software; computing; commodore; disk; video; graphics; program; ihe; midi; amiga computing; computing april; disk drive; storage box; mail order; special offer; hard disk; colour monitor; prices include; amiga basic
Downloads: 304
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1984-09-06)

Keywords: thai; program; bbc; spectrum; computer; goto; ram; commodore; popular computing; software; parking cones; ihe system; machine code; special offer; computing weekly; protos system; turbo track; open forum; hidden ram
Downloads: 77
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-08-18)

Keywords: program; software; spectrum; programs; dragon; computing; print; game; popular computing; games; special offer; program notes; computing weekly; life street; open forum; street london; machine code; street life; ihe game
Downloads: 80
[texts]Crash Magazine Issue 76

Keywords: ihe; crash; ond; game; erm; games; graphics; ttie; spectrum; sam; sam coupe; rainbow islands; dear lloyd; raster runner; high scoring; time games; cartoon time; tenstar pack; special offer; software houses
Downloads: 317
[texts]Your Sinclair Magazine Issue 20

Keywords: tor; thai; spectrum; yoy; ttie; tht; game; ond; repair service; program; network lead; leader board; postal order; special offer; hex loader; repair centre; spectrum repairs; hex dump; fax box
Downloads: 200
[texts]Home Computing Weekly Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: software; program; spectrum; print; goto; ami; dragon; programs; software reviews; sinclair; rabbit software; computing weekly; machine code; california gold; special offer; spectrum software; charing cross; gold rush; atari program
Downloads: 97
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 17

Keywords: amiga; disk; tgm; software; lor; game; atari; games; version update; spectrum; sound effects; computers repaired; space harrier; peripherals repaired; electronic arts; thunder blade; middle earth; disk drive; special offer
Downloads: 401
[texts]Dragon User Magazine Issue 26

Keywords: dragon; program; user; software; data; code; screen; adventure; game; disassembler; dragon user; machine code; user june; manic miner; cass cass; special offer; offer special; program data; hot coco; dragon software
Downloads: 159
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